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Agave Lux
Tequila Pairing Event

Friday 5th May

Event Details

About The Event

Sip & savour quality tequila with Agave Lux: A Fusion of Vibrant Cultures!

Our head chef Aiven has curated a menu from his time as ex sous chef of Mamasita to celebrate two vibrant cultures. While both have their own unique flavours & cooking styles, they share commonalities that speak to the universal appeal of good food!

Agave Lux is known to be the finest purveyor of handcrafted Mexican spirits in Australia. Their journey began in 2016 with a serendipitous investment in a Raicilla distillery high in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, which set them on a path towards revolutionizing the Australian spirits industry. At Agave Lux, they pride themselves on sourcing only the highest quality spirits from across Mexico and beyond. Their selection includes a wide range of tequilas, mezcals, and raicillas, each with its own distinct flavor profile and story to tell.

“Passion is what keep us delving deeper into the regions of Mexico, forging new connections with like-minded drinkers at every turn. We’ll show you the distillery of the Maestro, where you’ll observe the labour-intensive ancestral methods. Cook, crush, ferment and distill…we’ll take you through the process that transforms the Agave into a refined, complex elixir that together we can sup and savour.”



  • Cobia Aguachile, Mezcal 
  • Banana Leaf Wrapped King Prawns, & Salsa Negra
  • Cantonese Roasted Duck Breast, Mole, Blue Corn Tortilla 



  • Char Siu Pork, Jalapeno Salsa, Hominy Puree


  • Twice Cooked Baby Potatoes, Salsa de Arbol
  • Mixed Leaves Salad Jamaica



  • Plaintain Cake, Dulche de Leche, Mexican Chocolate